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The reasons why

We are unique

Above all, we are a Team!

You'll find here real friends willing to help you out on everything.

Real Pilots in the house

Yes, we have real pilots flying with us and giving their support to improve ours operations.

Do you like small planes?

Join the Pilatus Special Team - PST and take the next mission.

Inovation is our soul

We have a whole team working to bring the latest technology to the cockpit.

Travel the world with international flights

Join the Airbus Elite Team - AET and fly to the USA and Europe.

Electronic Flight Bag & ACARS

We have our own EFB & Acars to assist you in your flight.

What are you waiting for?

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5 Airbus A330 and 6 new brand A320NEO until December 2016

Join the Airbus Elite Team - AET

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